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Care Package 1.0 (Mystery) (Grips, Skins, and Cases)

Care Package 1.0 (Mystery) (Grips, Skins, and Cases)

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Laxedy Mystery Box

The Laxedy Care Package is the perfect addition to your setup. With a mystery box that contains either 2 or 3 items depending on your choice, you'll never know what exciting items you'll receive.

  • Choice of 2 or 3 Items
  • Comes with a Case
  • Includes Grips and Skins for Decorative Use

If you choose the $9.99 option, you will receive a CASE and TWO pairs of grips to decorate your setup with. For those looking for even more options, the $14.99 option includes a CASE, SKIN and THREE pairs grips.

Add some fun and excitement to your setup decor with the Laxedy Care Package.


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